Simple Artificial Eye Cleaning Instructions

If the surface of your prosthesis is dull:
– Wash off the front surface of the eye with wet Kleenex as needed.
– Put a drop of sil-optho oil on your eye while it is in, up to 4 times a day as needed. (for lubrication only).
If your artificial eye still feels scratchy or uncomfortable:
– Remove it and wash it with hand dishwashing soap and water, rubbing with your fingers.
– Rinse well, cover with oil, replace in socket and put another drop of oil on the front surface.
If it still has a dull appearance when patted dry with a Kleenex:
– Wash eye with soap and water.
– Drop it in a cup with denture cleaner, such as Polident or Efferdent for 30 minutes at most.
– Wash again.
– Rinse Well.
– Cover eye with oil, put the eye back in, and put another drop on the front surface.
– Call for a polish appointment.

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